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Welcome to the Bio-Energy Research Center

Montana State University-Northern's Bio-Energy Research Center is one of the best kept secrets of the West. The unique focus of the Center is on biofuels and heavy duty diesel engines. The Center is able to conduct comprehensive studies on biofuels, from the seed to fuel processing, fuel testing, engine testing and real time emissions monitoring. The state of the art lab facilities include oilseed pressing, biodiesel pilot plant, oil analysis lab, fuel chemistry lab, engine performance lab and emissions testing facilities.

The Center and its partners play an important role in realizing the vision of harvesting clean energy from rural America to fuel our nation’s economy. Their research includes trying to develop bio-jet fuel from waste streams of ethanol and wood products, developing fuel additives to support wide use of biodiesel, in all extreme weather, to studying the changes of emissions from different biofuels.

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